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A Vegan Foodie’s Journey: Portland Day 0.5

October 13th, 2011

If you are a regular reader of this site then you are aware how much we enjoy traveling. Couple that with our love of food and you’ll find some great vacations we’ve taken. This fall we decided to take off to Portland in search of what makes the city receive the nickname “Vegan Mecca”.  Our journey has just begun and we’ve only been here for an evening after arriving mid-afternoon. We have one dinner down and it wasn’t easy deciding where to go. With so many choices making the decision comes down to what places might be the ones you definitely don’t want to miss. After tossing a few choices around we decided upon Vita Cafe. The menu looked very appetizing and had selections that were sure to be filling. After a day flying and spending nearly four hours in McCarran Airport, the most unhealthy airport for food choices in the US, healthy and filling were top priority.

We took our time looking over the menu and after Mrs. Nashveggie decided on the very inviting ‘Chicken’ Fried Steak I saw the specials board and BBQ Platter written on it in big chalk letters. BBQ Tempeh with homemade BBQ sauce, white beans, kale and corn sounded perfect for a filling dinner. The kid ordered from the kid’s menu and we discovered that all kid’s entrees were only $1 with a regular entree. Cheap dinner for a picky kid. Can’t beat that. She picked the Mac & Vegan Cheese being the macaroni lover she is.

The BBQ Platter was extremely tasty and so much food. The sauce was a sweet smoky sauce but not spicy. A little unique tasting. Veggies were fresh. Just what I wanted. The “Chicken” Fried Steak was a large slab of tempeh breaded served over a large pile of mashed potatoes and covered with almond gravy. Also, a very good and very filling platter of food. The kid’s mac and cheese was a bowl full of macaroni covered in a slightly spicy cheese mixture of nutritional yeast and earth balance. She loved it. Nearly the same I make for her at home.

Driving around on our first evening it was clear to see why Portland is considered the Vegan’s Paradise. There vegan are vegan restaurants everywhere. These next week is going to be a busy one. I might gain a few pounds.

These pictures aren’t the best. I didn’t have my new camera with me at dinner. The pictures I post from now on will be much better.

Vita Cafe - Portland

A dim view of the interior of Vita Cafe.

Specials - Vita Cafe

The Special! BBQ Platter

"Chicken" Fried Steak

Vita Cafe - "Chicken" Fried Steak


Vita Cafe - BBQ Platter

Vita Cafe - BBQ Platter


Vita Cafe - Kid's Vegan Mac & "Cheese"

Vita Cafe - Kid's Vegan Mac & "Cheese"


Vegan Red Velvet Cake from Sweetpea Bakery

Vegan Red Velvet Cake from Sweetpea Bakery