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Green In Tennessee

February 19th, 2008


While browsing my regular websites for news this morning I noticed that the Tennessean has launched a new website devoted to the Middle Tennessee environmental topics, named . I wonder if I can find anything on the site about how a vegetarian diet will help cut out a large portion of greenhouse gases. Honestly, I haven’t dug very deep into the site yet, but I will at my first opportunity. I expect many trolls to frequent the forums included on the site, it should make for good entertainment. Still, happy to see The Tennessean contributing to the green community.


Greening Your Computer

January 29th, 2008

I once left my computer on 24/7, only shutting it down when I left home for extended periods. Since buying our home and trying to keep it as green as possible I have started shutting it down every night and when not in use. Leaving a computer on contributes 1,500 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere each year (WARNING: PDF link). If you must leave that quad-core box with 6 SATA drives and SLI video running constantly consider visiting and joining a distributed computing program that can map climate change and its impact. I am running the application and it seems to be very unintrusive and takes up very little system resources.

Find out more about the project at