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A Vegan New Year VegNews Giveaway Winner

January 10th, 2012

VegNews Magazine February 2012

Congratulations to Sarah, the winner of  A Vegan New Year VegNews Giveaway! Sarah commented at number 52, which randomly randomized out of randomness, however it randomly does that with its random coding.

Sarah’s resolution:

My resolutions are mostly health related – floss daily, resume drinking lots of water, ride my new bike more often, do yoga 3 times a week. Good stuff! Totally doable.

Sarah will be doing yoga, flossing and drinking water while riding her new bike. Please watch for her and move over if you see her riding down the street. She’ll need the extra room.

VegNews Random Number

Thanks to everyone who entered, tweeted, retweeted and thanks to VegNews for the great magazine! The giveaway was so popular that I’m planning giveaways each month. Look for a new giveaway soon!


A Vegan New Year VegNews Giveaway

December 31st, 2011

VegNews Magazine

A new year is on the way. Time to pack up the holiday decorations and get ready for a bash to welcome 2012. People will be making resolutions and hopefully many of them will be to adopt a vegan lifestyle. What better way to feed yourself with the information you need than to get a subscription to VegNews? To help out I’m giving away a one-year subscription to VegNews  magazine. You don’t have to be making a resolution to go vegan to win but I would like to know what your 2012 resolution is.

VegNews Magazine

VegNews is a bi-monthly manual to vegan living. Recipes, travel articles and news from the vegan point-of-view on politics, animal rights and shopping. No other publication covers the vegan lifestyle the way VegNews does. You need this magazine in your life and you’ll have a year of joyous reading for FREE! If you already have a subscription to VegNews and win you can use this to renew your existing subscription.

To enter, leave a comment with what your resolution is for 2012. Be sure to use a valid  email address so I can contact you if you win. For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet then leave a comment telling me your followed and tweeted. Be sure to include your Twitter username in your comment. I will randomly select a winner from all of the entries on Monday, January 9 and notify them by email. Good Luck and Go Vegan in 2012!


Another New Year

January 4th, 2010

2009 has passed and with the new year there are new resolutions. Many will be promising to put down the cigarettes, lose weight and save money. Some will make a promise to themselves to spend more time with family or travel more. There will also be some choosing to stick with a vegetarian or vegan diet. Many of these resolutions will go forgotten for whatever reason in a matter of weeks, some a matter of days. While I might not be able to help with some of those promises you might make to yourself I would like to think I can help with the vegan or vegetarian choice. Even if it is a question you have regarding a vegan diet that I may not immediately be able to assist with there are plenty of people here who lurk in the comments to give you pointers.

If you did decide to go vegetarian or vegan in 2010 stick to it! The benefits will surprise you and you will be glad you did!


Earth Day! Go Vegan! Go Green!

April 22nd, 2009

Today is Earth Day and millions of people are thinking of ways, if just for one day, to make their lives better for the environment.   The best thing that one can do is to go vegan.  The animals raised in the U.S. alone are contributing more greenhouse gases to our environment than the vehicles we drive everyday!   The land we use to raise cattle could be used ten time more efficently to raise grain to feed millions more people!  Ammonia from factory farms is a major air pollutant.   The list of reasons why going vegan is better for our world is endless.  If everyone went vegetarian for one day 100 billion gallons of water could be saved, 70 million gallons of gas would be saved,  3 million acres of land would be saved.

There is not one single thing more important to our environment than our diet.  If only for this one day, go vegan!


Happy 2009!

January 1st, 2009

Go Vegan in 2009!

2009 has arrived and resolutions to go along.  Have you made a resolution to go vegetarian or vegan?  Plenty of websites, including this one, are out the to help you with that promise to yourself and make it stick.  PETA offers a free Go Veg kit and Vegan Outreach offers a Vegan Starter Guide.  Remember that if you are taking the vegan road it branches far from the food you eat.  The products you use and what you wear is also included in that, but don’t think that makes it harder, there are plenty of products out there that are free of animal products and animal testing.  The National Anti-Vivisection Society has an online database to check if the products you currently use are cruelty-free.

Going vegan or vegetarian can be one of the most rewarding changes you can make in your life and there are plenty of ways the new found energy and health will reward you back!

Happy New Year!