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Earth Day! Go Vegan! Go Green!

April 22nd, 2009

Today is Earth Day and millions of people are thinking of ways, if just for one day, to make their lives better for the environment.   The best thing that one can do is to go vegan.  The animals raised in the U.S. alone are contributing more greenhouse gases to our environment than the vehicles we drive everyday!   The land we use to raise cattle could be used ten time more efficently to raise grain to feed millions more people!  Ammonia from factory farms is a major air pollutant.   The list of reasons why going vegan is better for our world is endless.  If everyone went vegetarian for one day 100 billion gallons of water could be saved, 70 million gallons of gas would be saved,  3 million acres of land would be saved.

There is not one single thing more important to our environment than our diet.  If only for this one day, go vegan!