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Another New Year

January 4th, 2010

2009 has passed and with the new year there are new resolutions. Many will be promising to put down the cigarettes, lose weight and save money. Some will make a promise to themselves to spend more time with family or travel more. There will also be some choosing to stick with a vegetarian or vegan diet. Many of these resolutions will go forgotten for whatever reason in a matter of weeks, some a matter of days. While I might not be able to help with some of those promises you might make to yourself I would like to think I can help with the vegan or vegetarian choice. Even if it is a question you have regarding a vegan diet that I may not immediately be able to assist with there are plenty of people here who lurk in the comments to give you pointers.

If you did decide to go vegetarian or vegan in 2010 stick to it! The benefits will surprise you and you will be glad you did!