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But I Love My Cheese

May 28th, 2010

Do you drink milk?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you eat cheese?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you drink milk but it comes from that farm where cows are “so happy”?  If you do you still contribute to this.  Do you eat cheese but only from the small production farm that is organic?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you just love you cheese so much you can’t give it up but still believe those cows are taken care of? Yes, you still contribute to this.

Do you just not care? Then you don’t care if you contribute to this.

Don’t contribute to this.


Nashville Flood – Lost & Found Pets

May 13th, 2010
Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

This afternoon I had a comment posted on Nashville Flood Relief for Animals about a cat that was lost and had been rescued. They were hoping to reunite the cat with its owner. I asked for pictures of the cat in hopes I could help out by posting them here. Not long after the pictures were sent the owner and the cat were together again.  I thought that it may help to have a place for people who have lost their pet in the flood or those who have found pets to be able to post a picture and possible reunite them with their owner.  I have setup a forum to do just that. If needed, please post any description of your lost or found animal in the comments below.  If you have a picture you would like to include send it to nashveggie/gmail dot com and I will post it for you.  Maybe we can get some families back together.


Nashville Flood Relief for Animals

May 4th, 2010

UPDATE: If you have lost or found a pet please visit Nashville Flood – Lost & Found Pets

The flooding of Nashville has displaced thousands of people and also thousands of animals.  Many people were forced to evacuate and some were able to take their pets along but many more were not.  There are also the homeless animals that are now finding no food as well as their way into already overcrowded shelters.  Nashville area animal shelters are in need of items to assist in the care of the animals they have housed until their human counterparts can pick them up. If you can help please supply what you can.

Metro Animal Services is in need of blankets, cat and dog food, pet shampoo, laundry and dish detergent, towels and kitty litter.  Items can be dropped of at Metro Animal Care, 5125 Harding Place.

Nashville Humane Association needs cat food, dog food, blankets, newspapers and towels. Those items can be dropped off at 213 Oceola Avenue in West Nashville. They are located behind Sprintz Furniture off of White Bridge Road.

Information from Nashville Humane Association site:

Flood Advisory and Assistance

Nashville residents can call 615-862-8574 if they need assistance finding a shelter. This number should be used for non-emergencies. Please use 911 for emergencies.

The American Red Cross opened the following emergency shelters in Middle Tennessee:

* Lipscomb University – Nashville — AT CAPACITY FOR ANIMALS

Animal victims from floods can be brought to the NHA shelter in West Nashville at 213 Oceola Avenue, located directly behind Sprintz Furniture Store.

* Centerville Church of Christ – Centerville, Tenn
* Bonaqua United Methodist Church – Lyles, Tenn.
* College Hills Church of Christ – Lebanon, Tenn.
* Fairview Recreation Center – Fairview, Tenn.
* People’s Church – Franklin, Tenn.
* Erin City Hall – Erin, Tenn.
* Waverly Church of Christ – Waverly, Tenn.
* Smyrna Town Center – Smyrna, Tenn.
* Coffee County Middle School – Manchester, Tenn.
* Civic Center – Jackson, Tenn.

Also, consider staying in a pet friendly hotel. Click here for a list of Pet Friendly Hotels in Nashville, and call ahead to ensure they have available rooms.


If you have lost a pet…

• Fill out a lost report with Nashville Humane Association — check daily for found reports. Please provide:

Appearance: breed, coat type, ears, tail, age, weight, sex, color, etc.
Identification: tags, microchip, etc.
Location: where your pet lives, when and where your pet was last seen

• Contact Metro Animal Care & Control — (615) 862-7928 – 5125 Harding Pl, Nashville, TN -– Because of the differences in how owners describe colors and breeds the owner is then required to come down daily to reduce the potential for miscommunication or misidentification
• Fill out a lost report with Nashville PetFinders, and Wilson County websites — check found reports daily online — finders have different ideas of colors and breeds
• Contact all veterinary clinics within the area to see if the pet was brought in by a good Samaritan — check back daily
• Contact the closest evening Pet Emergency clinic to see if a good Samaritan brought the pet in for medical care — check back daily
• Place a lost posting on your neighborhood list serve — check daily for found posts
• Walk/drive through your neighborhood, familiar walking routes, check with neighbors
• Post lost report with photo as permitted in stores and other sites
• Contact the streets division to see if any pets were picked up due to fatal injury

Animal Shelters have a hold period, enabling time for the owner to make the rounds and hopefully increase awareness that a much loved pet is missed.

To check Nashville Pet Finders for a lost pet or report a found pet, please click here.