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A Vegan Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2015

2015 has flown by and we’re finding ourselves at Thanksgiving once again. If your Thanksgiving is like mine there will be no turkey thawing a day before. Many vegans and vegetarians, especially those new will be baking a Tofurky. I’ve never been one to eat those. They taste OK but I would rather put a little effort into my Thanksgiving dinner. I prefer to make a seitan roast. I’ve done this for a few years and it has even been a hit with the meat-loving people that come to dinner. No kale on my plate, no berry and nut salad (whatever that is). If I can’t put gravy on it I don’t want it on my plate. There will be sweet potatoes and dressing. Yes, dressing. Take your stuffing and stuff it in the garbage because dressing rules here. Homemade cranberry sauce and did I mention gravy?

I’m being a little opinionated in my Thanksgiving food choices but the one thing that matters is there will be no animals on the table. Death is not required in any way to have a great meal and Thanksgiving is no different. I want to hear about what you are having. Do you have cooking questions for your Thanksgiving plans? Let them be be known in the comments.