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Random Question

November 19th, 2008

Are you against all forms of hunting?  Do you feel differently about people who hunt for food to feed their family and people who hunt for sport just to hang a head on a wall or put a rug on the floor?  Are these people any different?


Trader Joe’s Nashville First Visit

November 9th, 2008

We made our way out to the new Trader Joe’s in Green Hills Friday morning.   The parking lot was running over into the Walgreen’s parking lot next door and police were directing traffic.  Someone had so conveniently decided to setup shop in an RV in the lot and had in the process taken up 8-10 parking spaces and made it harder for everyone to get around the lot.  Once inside I realized this was probably the smallest Trader Joe’s I had been in.  We picked up a few of our regular items: pita, chips and chocolate covered espresso beans, which I could not find and had to ask someone to help only to find out they didn’t know where they were either.   Of course, there’s no wine section but, while small, the beer section is available.  I’ll pick up a new Hefewiessen on my next trip.   I can only guess they don’t have all of their items stocked yet as many things seemed to be missing that I usually find.

For those of you who don’t get into making your own hummus Trader Joe’s has a good selection at good prices, and all vegan unlike some varieties that contain cream.  The chipotle and the horseradish are my favorites.   My wife thinks their cocoa is some of the best available but has gone up in price so it isn’t quite the deal it once was.  The raw almonds you’ll find at Trader Joe’s are also unblanched unlike other raw almonds you find now.

Since Trader Joe’s is only taking up half of the space of the old Wild Oats, the lack of wine being sold and the recent closing of yn at The Hill Center, I can only guess someone will be looking into opening a wine store in the other half that is now for lease.