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But I Love My Cheese

May 28th, 2010

Do you drink milk?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you eat cheese?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you drink milk but it comes from that farm where cows are “so happy”?  If you do you still contribute to this.  Do you eat cheese but only from the small production farm that is organic?  If you do you contribute to this.  Do you just love you cheese so much you can’t give it up but still believe those cows are taken care of? Yes, you still contribute to this.

Do you just not care? Then you don’t care if you contribute to this.

Don’t contribute to this.


Silk PureAlmond

March 19th, 2010

Silk PureAlmond

I have written in the past about my desire to find a milk other than soy to make coffee with. I would go each time through rice, almond, hazelnut and others only to fall back to the reliable soy after finding each was either too watery or just wouldn’t foam, some even tasted bad. After seeing Silk PureAlmond I thought I should give it a try. I had tried Almond Breeze, both aseptic and refrigerated, but was put off by the strong after-bite. As far as I know Silk PureAlmond is only the second refrigerated almond milk variety.

A good coffee milk should always hold up first to steaming. A nice foam never hurts and this is where most of the milk options I have tried failed. Silk PureAlmond worked very well, surprising actually as I have never managed a good foam with almond milk. The foam was as good as soy milk. The milk is thicker than other almond milks which lends to the foaming ability.

Taste is most important and the flavor held up well to the espresso I use. No overbearing taste to mask the coffee. Most important there is no afterbite like all other almond milks I have tried.

I doubt I will give up soy milk completely for almond milk but finding a new option that tastes good and actually works well for coffee is always welcome.

Silk PureAlmond Steamed

Silk PureAlmond Coffee


Hemp Milk?

May 11th, 2007

Hemp milk, a relatively new product to the store shelves is finding itself in the news a bit in places.   I have read a bit of good information on it, finding it is loaded with calcium and phosphorus (46% and 43% of RDA respectfully), not to mention vitamin B12 (25%).  Hemp, illegal to produce in the US, is grown mainly in Canada and exported.  The biggest supplier of hemp milk is Living Harvest.

I have tried the Original Flavor, it has a slight nutty flavor and not too bad.  As a regular drinker of soy milk I couldn’t say I would use it to replace the soy milk but otherwise it makes a nice change.

Wild Oats does carry it in the shelf-stable milk area.  $3.59 for 32 ounces.,1406,KNS_350_5518510,00.html