Soy – A 30 Day Experiment – Days 3 – 7

September 8th, 2009 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

I am at the end of my first week of reading labels more extensively than I ever have as a vegan.  The soy industry has a firm grip on every aspect of our food supply, and nowhere is this more evident than in processed foods.  Soy protein isolate, soybean oil, soy lecithin – all components of just about every processed food you pick up.  Although some processed foods don’t contain soy, the fact is most do and the only way to truly avoid it is to eat whole foods.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts, which are indeed the best foods for your body, are also the only road to getting zero soy.  With that said, I have not been eating only whole foods.  I have found a processed food here or there without soy.  Our garden is still producing tomatoes, cucumbers and okra.  I picked a small amount of pinto beans last week.  These items typically give me a good lunch but I get lazy in the evenings, the time I really shouldn’t.

The milks I have been trying, which I have spouted about over the last two posts, have been narrowed down to hazelnut.  I have tried a few over the past week.  Almond: too much of a bite.  Rice: too watery.  Oat: grainy, gritty, liquid paper. Hemp: powdery, not as bad as oat.  Drinkable but far too expensive.  Hazelnut tastes light enough, doesn’t have a bad aftertaste and isn’t too expensive.  I spend the most time on the milk subject because I drink a lot of it.  I use it extensively in my coffee and in my cooking.

I have read many articles about soy interfering with thyroid activity.  I haven’t noticed a difference in my energy levels or any weight fluctuations since starting this plan but this is only the first week.  Those differences, should they come, would be expected later on, possibly near the end.



  1. I do love hazelnut milk, though I often forget about it. This weekend, I discovered So Delicious coconut coffee creamer, and I think I like it better than the soy creamer….

    Good luck with the rest of the month! It sounds really hard. I don’t eat a ton of processed foods, but I do depend on vegan cheeze and some processed faux meats (like veggie burgers…of course I could make my own, but sometimes I’m lazy too!).

  2. Alicia says:

    So are you giving up Tofu also or just anything that contains processed soy?

  3. NashVeggie says:

    I am not consuming anything containing soy, processed or otherwise. I won’t eat tofu, drink soy milk, eat a energy bar with soy protein or something with soy protein isolate nor will I be eating edamame. All and everything.

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