Soy – A 30 Day Experiment – Day 2

September 3rd, 2009 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

So far the soy free diet has not proven to be too tough.  If it has done one thing it has led me to a bit more variety in my eats.  For lunch I had my usual, a tomato sandwich but I had nothing to pu ton it as Vegenaise contains soy.  Looking around the refrigerator I found a bottle of garlic marinade from Williams-Sonoma.  I drizzled just a little over the tomatoes and it was one of the best tomato sandwiches I have had.

On a night when I would have had typical veggie burgers, last night I made rosemary roasted potatoes, macaroni & not-cheese and baked beans.  The baked beans gave me a slip as I typically fry soy crumbles to add a bit of texture to the beans but of course, that’s soy so I had to brainstorm for a bit until I realized I had bought Sunshine Burgers on my soy free grocery run.  I crumbled a burger and fried it with a diced onion to add to the beans and they turned out perfect.  I had a few ingredient substitutions to make in other places but everything turned out great.

The milk issue is still on the drawing board.  I have found that Pacific almond milk seems to be a bit less watery than Almond Breeze and has less of the afterbite I’m not fond of, it even foams a little better when I steam it for coffee.  I’m still planning on getting hazelnut milk when I run out of almond to see if I like it better.  I’m curious to see how the almond milk would taste in mashed potatoes where imparting an almond taste would be really bad.

I went through my stock of cooking supplies and noticed most contain soy.  I use a vegan Worcestershire sauce that contains soy, Vegenaise, as mentioned, contains soy, as do many of Asian cooking products and any sauces that I would make for an Asian dish.  I would like tofind some replacements for these, namely the Vegenaise and Worcestershire but I can easily do without these if I have to.  Besides, this is all about having to with out, right?



  1. Amy says:

    Hey! I just wanted you to know I just created a syndication on LiveJournal for your blog, because that’s where I like to read all my stuff. I’m super happy to have come across yours, because there do not seem to be many veggie resources out there for Nashville!

  2. T says:

    Vegenaise makes a soy free version, it’s made with Grapeseed Oil instead.

  3. Nashveggie says:

    Vegenaise with Grapeseed Oil contains soy protein.

  4. T says:

    my bad, you’re right!

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