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Sometimes Change Is Not a Good Thing

March 5th, 2008

My love of Whole Foods is dwindling. I have touted them as my favorite store in many posts and was mildly excited at the acquirement of Wild Oats, I may have to reconsider. After going to the Whole Foods at Green Hills weekly I have noticed prices that were once in-line with Wild Oats gently budge upward on items I consider staples such as orange juice, bread and buns. At first the prices at Whole Foods were lower on some items in comparison to Wild Oats at Coolsprings but now the prices at Wild Oats have started to increase and some items are disappearing from shelves and I am told they will not return. Rudy’s buns and bread has gone from $3.29 to $4.79 and the lower priced, but just as good, Wild Oats brand bread and buns is being replaced by a higher priced, and lower quality, Whole Foods brand that contains honey. Orange juice has increased at Wild Oats by 60 cents since they began carrying the Whole Foods 365 label and they have stopped stocking no-pulp variety.

The produce section was recently changed out at Wild Oats and as far as I can tell prices were not. Changes are coming for the rest of the store as well I am sure. I just hope the prices and items that are left don’t change along with them.

I’ll save the story about the woman at Whole Foods who refused to put my groceries into my Trader Joe’s bag for another post.


Positive Vegan Article

February 22nd, 2008

I usually pickup a copy of the Greenwise magazine when I go to Publix on my grocery runs. I recently decided to get them mailed to me since I sometimes miss them and they occasionally have a good coupon or two inside. I received the newest issue yesterday and to my surprise there was an article titled “Vegetarian Juniors” in it. After reading this article I realized it could have been more aptly named “Vegan Juniors” as the mention of dairy and eggs was nowhere and the people mentioned were in fact vegan. It went on to say how infants and toddlers can thrive on a balanced vegan diet and even referenced doctors in the story. It is not easy to find positive articles discussing vegan diets for children

“In general, though, studies have shown that kids can thrive on a balanced plant-based diet. And research has found that no difference in average growth rates between vegetarian and nonvegetarian kids.”

The article goes on to suggest nutrition guidelines for a vegan or vegetarian child at different stages.

“For vegan toddlers, calorie-dense plant foods such as hummus, olives, dates and avocados may come in handy. Also, because toddlers are notoriously picky eaters, make sure your child is eating as wide a variety as possible of foods as possible.”

I was especially happy to see the term “vegan toddler”. The magazine is free and usually found at the entrance of the store. You can also subscribe here for free.


Welcome to Store #2

December 7th, 2007


I have been to the Green Hills Whole Foods probably over 30 times since opening, that’s alot for the drive I make to get there. Soon (two years isn’t really soon, but I’ll take what I can get) my drive will be shorter. It has been announced that Whole Foods will be opening a new location in the McEwen Drive area of Coolsprings. Opening date has been set for Fall of 2009.

Anyone who has read this site knows that I am a huge Whole Foods fan, we have driven to Atlanta to get groceries at Whole Foods. My mother-in-law lives there so I can’t say that was the only reason to go but it was a big part of the trip. Now with a new location in Coolsprings I will actually have to consider getting a part-time job there. I have always thought about one since learning how they pay insurance for their employees and have great stock options. I do hope they will not close the nearby Wild Oats like was done when the Green Hills Whole Foods opened. I enjoy my Sunday nights in that store, the staff is too friendly (I’ll make exception for one or two people) and it has a small store feel that I enjoy, I know small-store feel is not going to be had with any Whole Foods but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it too.


Whole Foods NOW OPEN!

November 2nd, 2007

Whole Foods Nashville

We were at the new Whole Foods in the Hill Center at 8 am yesterday, many more people were there than I expected. The line doubled around the corner for the free breakfast.  After the bread breaking (Whole Foods’ way of doing a ribbon-cutting), we were the first in the door. Everything was as I expected from the other Whole Foods locations. One standout is the Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar tasting station, bottles line the shelves and slices of bread are supplied for you to try almost any vinegar or oil available.

One thing that I really liked was finding Organic Valley Unsweetened Soymilk and finally not having to purchase Silk any longer. I even spoke with one lady for a few minutes and noticed she had about 10 half-gallon cartons of Silk in her cart I told her about Dean Foods which owns Silk.   I saw her soon after putting all of her Silk back on the shelf, right beside the Silk representative that was there! I get laughs in silly, vindictive ways.

I spoke with Laura Button, owner of Journey To Bliss Foods, who was giving out some great samples of her products. My daughter loved the Carrot Cake.

For those wondering, plenty of local products can be found throughout the store and a brochure is even provided to give more information.

One thing I saw that was unlike any other Whole Foods was the cafe was located outside of the cash registers. As well, there was far more outside seating available than I have seen at other locations.

When we were leaving (after returning for the third time) we walked by a lady who was complaining to management about the traffic and parking situation. She went on and on and just would take any explanation as good enough. One management member even walked her through the parking garage to help her understand the best way to enter and leave. We made it a point ot walk up to the same management and thank them for bringing Whole Foods here and told them we had zero complaints. My mother said she went back inside 30 minutes later and the same lady was complaining to someone else about the same thing.

Of course, this will be my new hangout when I have nothing better to do.


TJ Addiction

October 26th, 2007

Trader Joe’s

I think I read at least one letter a week to the editor of The Tennessean voicing desire for a Trader Joe’s location in Nashville or just the outright prediction that it is happening but the time is not known the place is not known and the reason they know this information is unknown. People claim the reason it won’t come is the inability to sell wine by Tennessee liquor laws, some say it can happen anyway and cite other states as proof. Maybe there are other reason keeping Trader Joe’s out of this area, it is not like Tennessee is the last state in the US without a store. What’s keeping them out of Colorado? Boulder sounds like a dead-on perfect location. How about Maine?   I love Trader Joe’s, enough to make trips to Atlanta to pick up vitals and a location in this area would be most welcomed by me but I am afraid it’s not going to happen.