Sometimes Change Is Not a Good Thing

March 5th, 2008 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

My love of Whole Foods is dwindling. I have touted them as my favorite store in many posts and was mildly excited at the acquirement of Wild Oats, I may have to reconsider. After going to the Whole Foods at Green Hills weekly I have noticed prices that were once in-line with Wild Oats gently budge upward on items I consider staples such as orange juice, bread and buns. At first the prices at Whole Foods were lower on some items in comparison to Wild Oats at Coolsprings but now the prices at Wild Oats have started to increase and some items are disappearing from shelves and I am told they will not return. Rudy’s buns and bread has gone from $3.29 to $4.79 and the lower priced, but just as good, Wild Oats brand bread and buns is being replaced by a higher priced, and lower quality, Whole Foods brand that contains honey. Orange juice has increased at Wild Oats by 60 cents since they began carrying the Whole Foods 365 label and they have stopped stocking no-pulp variety.

The produce section was recently changed out at Wild Oats and as far as I can tell prices were not. Changes are coming for the rest of the store as well I am sure. I just hope the prices and items that are left don’t change along with them.

I’ll save the story about the woman at Whole Foods who refused to put my groceries into my Trader Joe’s bag for another post.


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