Soy – A 30 Day Experiment – Day 1

September 2nd, 2009 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

The first day of no soy consisted of a trip to the grocery store to find replacements for my typical vegan staples.  I replaced my soy milk that I use mostly for coffee with almond milk, which I am not a big fan of.  There’s something about that little bite it has that I don’t like and the watery consistency does not sit well with me.  I’ll need to try a different milk or maybe a brand other than Almond Breeze.  We picked up Soy-Free Earth Balance to use for baking, that shouldn’t be a big change  I found that so many things, as I expected, contained soy in some form.  While I didn’t plan on being able to remove every minute bit of soy from my diet I think I did a pretty good job of it.  Buying stuff at Trader Joe’s might be a task though as most of their items have soy protein or soybean oil somewhere in the list of ingredients.  Most items at Trader Joe’s are processed in some way and it seems soybean oil must be a necessary additive when doing so.

I managed to find veggie burgers without soy, Sunshine Burgers list just four ingredients and soy is not one. Amy’s California Burgers are also soy-free but I am not big on their flavor as they have far too much of a dirty mushroom taste.  I like mushrooms but I would rather just eat a big portaboello than have my veggie burger lend the flavor.

Day one, no change noticed, but it is only one day.  Do I really expect any change?  Probably none other than grumpiness due to the fact that I can’t have my usual goodies.



  1. Kat says:

    Interesting experiment–it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, and I’ll be following your blog to see.
    Have you tried oat milk? It’s thicker. Also, making your own nut milk is pretty easy–and I have found cashew milk to be quite nice (only down-side is: no vitamin B).

  2. Nashveggie says:

    The only oat milk I found contained soy lecithin. If I could find a variety without it I would try it. I get plenty of B vitamins in the other fortified foods I eat (you know, the vegan myth) so the cashew milk wouldn’t be an issue there. I may give that a try.

  3. Good luck! It’s a brave undertaking, that’s for sure. Have you considered the Soy Delicious Coconut Milk as an alternative? I love that stuff! It’s way creamier than almond milk (though I love that too…not a fan of rice milk though). I haven’t read the label on coconut milk though, so I’d check it first cause it may contain some soy…but if not, it’s an excellent alternative.

  4. NashVeggie says:

    I was given some of the Soy Delicious Coconut Milk for review and found it so to be a watery, tasteless flop. Maybe the three cartons I tried were a bad batch but I poured it out as I couldn’t find a viable use for it. Besides, that stuff was loaded in fat and I would feel horrible drinking it as much as I go through! Again, maybe I just tried some bad cartons. I’ll pick up some hazelnut when I run dry on almond and possibly try cashew.

  5. esteban says:

    I actually preferr almond milk. I really like hemp milk as well but it has a texture that is not my favorite.

  6. Nashveggie says:


    I picked up Pacific brand almond milk, much better than Almond Breeze, I think. I have tried hemp milk and didn’t mind the texture but the price….OUCH! Luckily, there’s no soy in Oogave!

  7. stacy says:

    The almond milk I drank up until a couple days ago has soy. Almond Breeze brand. I am allergic to soy, so I am so sad to have to try to find another source. Any non soy brands out there?? I just started hemp milk, only added it to coffee, too scared to drink it plain yet.

  8. Nashveggie says:


    I was using Pacific Foods brand almond milk. It contains no soy. The soy lecithin is one reason I didn’t like Almond Breeze for this purpose. Of course, that afterbite was too much for me. I prefer hazelnut milk over almond. Try it and let me know what you think.

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