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Nothing New

January 31st, 2008

I just read an article at this morning reporting how a person with a hidden camera entered a slaughterhouse in California (Hallmark Meat Packing Co., based in Chino, California) and taped workers abusing downed cows. They were taped prodding, kicking, poking, and spraying water up the cow’s noses in a effort to get them to get up and walk to the place where their heads will be bashed in and their throats ripped open while swinging upside down. While I obviously hate to read about these situations I do like seeing them brought to light, but this article didn’t quite make me happy. Quote from Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois:

“The treatment of animals in this video is appalling, but more than that, it raises significant concerns about the safety of the food being served to our nation’s children,” Durbin said. “The apparent slaughter of sick and weak animals not only appears to violate USDA regulations, but could be a danger to our nation’s food supply.”

While the supply of beef from this plant is reported to be used in the nation’s school lunch supply nowhere in the article does anyone address the animal’s treatment more than the first nine words of Durbin’s statement.

The treatment of the animals is just as heinous as any idea of diseased meat entering the food supply. Let me state that I do hold the welfare of children and what they consume in schools and anywhere else in the highest regard. The thought of diseased anything entering the nation’s food supply is a horrible thought. I don’t wish for that and am glad attention is being brought to that point but I think more and as much attention should be given to the animal’s situation. The more attention that is given to the treatment of animals in this situation the more people will realize what it is they are really munching on at dinner.

I’m sure your kids would love to go to McDonald’s tonight.

Be sure to watch the video at the top of this article. Must see viewing.



January 11th, 2008

I just came from Pei Wei at Brentwood (101 Creekside Crossing) where I had the usual, a Pad Thai without egg.  That’s not why I am writing this post. When I ordered and sat down there was a woman and four kids sitting directly across from me. As I was sitting down initially they got their food. They ate rather quickly, and when I got my food they were getting up to leave. As they did a boy with them, about 14 years old, took one last bite of something from his plate. He immediately picked up a napkin and spit it out. He then placed the half-eaten food filled napkin face up and open onto a pile of plates that you will find on the table for sharing. The group then left and not long after a woman came to clean the table.

I pay attention to little things when I eat alone.

The woman makes her way cleaning the table, picking up the dirty plates, used silverware, glasses and gathers everything up including the half-eaten food filled napkin from atop the plate stack. She makes her way back to the backroom with her load of dishes LEAVING THE STACK OF PLATES! Not long after she came and finished cleaning the table readying it for the next customer and STILL LEFT THE STACK OF PLATES placing napkins on top of them as usual!

I like Pei Wei and occasionally look forward to a saucy, high-sodium meal but this makes me think twice about ever returning.

Maybe corporate would take interest. You think? I have nothing to gain but I think someone should make some changes.


On Whole Foods

January 11th, 2008

Since Whole Foods has opened in Green Hills, and for a bit before that, I have written here about how much I am happy that they have decided to open a store in Nashville. If you read this on a regular basis then you would think I am a major stock holder (I own zero). I do visit at least weekly to pick up a few staple items among other spur of the moment things. It’s good to have a wider choice in the foods I purchase. For instance, I no longer have to give money to Dean Foods in order to get unsweetened soy milk. I can get a massive pack of tater tots for $1.99 to go with my lazy burger nights. I have a wider choice of produce that doesn’t look like it has been sitting on top of a heating grate for two weeks before being put out for sale.

I look at the comment board each time I am in the store. The most complaints are about the bulk spices being in the Whole Body store on the corner outside. That’s something I don’t understand as well but I’m not complaining. It is unreal the people who request that the Whole Body store be closed and health products be moved into the main store! Lazy…I’ll leave it at that. Elizabeth has twice left a compliment on a comment card but neither was posted. I guess they would rather show the negativity.

Now that there is news of another Whole Foods opening in Coolsprings I am wondering if the Wild Oats there will meet the same fate as the one that was in Green Hills. I really don’t want to see Wild Oats close but I have nothing to do with that and can’t control it, I won’t complain for that reason. I just consider myself lucky to be able to get the items I choose to use in my daily cooking and munching as easily as I can now. I am acquainted enough with some of the employees at the Wild Oats in Coolsprings enough to hear about all the complaining people do concerning the Whole Foods takeover. They hate the parking at the new store, they hate the bulk selection, they hate the prices. I have noticed prices on the same item lower at Whole Foods as opposed to Wild Oats, but as well, I have noticed a increase in some pricing at the new store. They hate the location. I heard one complaint about Whole Foods carrying conventional items, as if they thought all products were supposed to be organic.

I have noticed the selection of bulk spices and coffee dwindling at Wild Oats without being replenished. When I asked about the spices I was told that Whole Foods management has decided to cut out 8 feet of the bulk isle and the selection goes with it. Odd move, but I’m not going to get in a fit over it, someone else will. I assume the coffee is being phased out in order to supply the Allegro brand.

I’m not going to complain, I’ll leave that to the others. Just happy to have a choice.


Preach the Vegan

January 8th, 2008

Do you tell everyone you know of the virtues of veganism? Do you look for ways to interject your vegan lifestyle in conversation? Go to the grocery checkout with boxes of tofu, rice milk and tempeh in hopes the cashier will inquire as to why you are buying such items? If so, you may be “vegangelical”. I had not heard of the word until last week when my wife said she heard a discussion on NPR about vegans and that the word was mentioned as an “up-and-coming” word. I guess some people are on the edge of religion with their veganism, not sure I am one of those. I would see a meat-eater as being more religious with their diet, mention being a vegan to them and they get all panicked and violated as if my way of eating is a false way. You see where I am going with this.

So, are you vegangelical?


Dan Mathews

November 17th, 2007


Dan Mathews, Vice PResident of PETA was at the Barnes & Noble at Coolsprings today signing his book “Committed”.   After listening to him speak I think that this site might need a little different direction.    Food is an important part of any vegan or vegetarian but most veg*ns would agree that animal welfare makes a big part of assuming that lifestyle.   I will not take away any part of this site that caters to the eats but I want to dedicate more to animals and the horrors of factory farming and animal abuse to show more people that it not just about the tofu.    If anyone has ideas or suggestions please share.