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Soy – A 30 Day Experiment – Week 4

September 30th, 2009

My month-long soy free journey is nearly at an end.  As I have stated in past posts, I have felt no change, in energy or weight loss, during this time.  So many pieces of research I have read before and during this trial has stated that there is a direct link with soy and the thyroid and a significant decrease in soy intake will result in heightened energy levels and potential weight loss.  I have read studies indicating consumption of soy in relation to memory loss and concentration issues.   All of those have not proven themselves during this test and so, from my standpoint, are bunk.  During this time not only have I given up the more wholesome soy in its unrefined form but I took out of my diet the processed soy you find in just about every snack food.

I have had visitors to the blog since I started this project who are vegan and allergic to soy.   To me that’s willpower.  Being allergic and unable to consume soy but then taking it one step further and deciding to be vegan for whatever reason, that takes willpower!

Eating out was limited for the past month.  Most items contain some soy additive and sometimes, even with known vegan stuff, you just don’t know if it has soy or not so it was better to abstain.  I did some deep checking into some places and found an item here or there.  One thing I managed to find out was soy free was the sweet & sour at Pei Wei.  I had assumed eating anything Asian would be out during this time and considered myself lucky on this one.  Sweet & Sour vegetables with rice fit nicely and I managed to get a plate piled with fresh veggies and a tasty sauce that hit the spot.  A trip to Atlanta left out most of our favorite eateries except for Eats.  You can’t find soy in the pesto or a big veggie plate and you can’t go wrong at Eats!

Pei Wei - Sweet & Sour Vegetables Soy Free

After this is over I’ll be going back to soy.  Of all the things I missed I think the soy milk in my coffee would be the first to come to mind.  As I said before I didn’t notice any changes during this time.  Maybe after the upcoming holidays I’ll do this again and have some bloodwork done before and after just to benefit those in doubt.  I’ve made it through one month, I can do it again.  Willpower!

One more day left!


Pei-Wei-Uh-Oh Update

February 4th, 2008

I have just received a letter from Pei-Wei management at the Brentwood restaurant. There was a handwritten (not typed!) apology as well as a $20 certificate. The manager stated that their staff was never instructed to operate in that manner and they have been re-trained. I was, of course, invited back to have lunch/dinner on them. I am sure I will visit again, I am all about second chances.

I guess the post got someone’s attention! Read it here.



January 11th, 2008

I just came from Pei Wei at Brentwood (101 Creekside Crossing) where I had the usual, a Pad Thai without egg.  That’s not why I am writing this post. When I ordered and sat down there was a woman and four kids sitting directly across from me. As I was sitting down initially they got their food. They ate rather quickly, and when I got my food they were getting up to leave. As they did a boy with them, about 14 years old, took one last bite of something from his plate. He immediately picked up a napkin and spit it out. He then placed the half-eaten food filled napkin face up and open onto a pile of plates that you will find on the table for sharing. The group then left and not long after a woman came to clean the table.

I pay attention to little things when I eat alone.

The woman makes her way cleaning the table, picking up the dirty plates, used silverware, glasses and gathers everything up including the half-eaten food filled napkin from atop the plate stack. She makes her way back to the backroom with her load of dishes LEAVING THE STACK OF PLATES! Not long after she came and finished cleaning the table readying it for the next customer and STILL LEFT THE STACK OF PLATES placing napkins on top of them as usual!

I like Pei Wei and occasionally look forward to a saucy, high-sodium meal but this makes me think twice about ever returning.

Maybe corporate would take interest. You think? I have nothing to gain but I think someone should make some changes.