Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

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Have you ever wanted to follow your food from farm to plate and take a look at each process your food encounters on that trip?  If you are a meat-eater then a new series will give you that opportunity.  The BBC-produced series Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is presently being run on Current TV and  is gaining attention for its graphic look into the industry of factory farming, meat production and slaughterhouses. The  series involves volunteers who follow their meal from pasture to slaughter to plate and nothing is held back, save a few blurred frames.  This show brings what many meat-eaters won’t see, stunning, neck-slicing and skin ripping all while semi-conscious and dangling from a hook.

My first viewing of the show was cringing and somewhat surprising at the material shown.  This show goes where documentaries such as Food, Inc and others fell extremely short, showing the process an living creature goes through to become the meal you and your family consumes. You see the animal being raised, transported and then each process from the killing neck-slice to the end product with a glimpse of the factory that lends itself to the result.  Six volunteers are followed with their “meal”.  Many are shocked to learn of the process and many questions are asked as they view the writhing bodies being butchered.  As you can imagine, it can be extremely gruesome to watch.

The show is extremely graphic but every meat-eater should know where their meal came from before it became that burger and fries. This show will give them the look they need without going to the slaughterhouse themselves.

The series airs Tuesdays at 10/9 central on Current TV and episodes re-air at various times throughout the week.



  1. Edward says:

    Clearly over-staged for a TV production and to send the masses fearing meat. This stuff sickens me and not because of the reason(s) you hope for. This is just propaganda to send people from consuming meat and supporting farmers.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    The food at the end always looks delicious as a pro chef cooks it. I hope the show promotes more responsible hunting. After all, you can’t eat until you kill it, gut, and clean it. No different than a fish is it? Have people these days gotten so soft as to even clean a fish?

  3. Darlarosa says:

    I have to say having watched part of the first episode it is not as cringing as you make it sound. It is important people understand where their food comes from. That way people can make informed decisions. I myself am a meat eater, and hold nothing against vegetarians plus I adore animals above most humans to be honest. I know where my food comes from, and I am against mass factory farming that is completely dreadful for animals. Watching shows like this and reading informs me of what is done to animals for food. I am completely aware of what animals go through in the average situation. Still I have no problem eating meat, and that is because I have no problem with an animals killing and eating me. I also prefer to stick with what comes natural to me, as much as possible when it comes to food. Call me a monster if you like, but I like meat. I just recognize the circle of life and the way it should be. I respect mother nature and her wonders, and I prefer to just do me.

    Why is meal in quotes btw?

    You sound more serious when you are not so biased sounding. Present your subject with less aggression towards others and you sound less….unbalanced. Many of the animals had a quick death from what I have viewed.

  4. Nashveggie says:


    Of course I’m biased, I’m against eating meat. This is a vegan website! When your faced with aggression in your face because your meal offends someone who wants to munch on a hamburger at each meal you tend to get aggressive in response. So I am.

    Quick death. Unnecessary death.

    Thank so much for your visit and comment! 🙂

  5. Erinne says:


    This is avegan site. Once can only expect a bias toward a vegan lifestyle when reading through it. If you came here expecting to see “eating meat is OK ” in ANY form then let me be the one to tell you you’re at the wrong site.

    Speaking of aggression, you have an aggressive tone to your comment. Are you upset with those who adopt a vegan lifestyle?

    If you wanted what was batural then you would not be eating animal products as anyone would know the human body is not designed for meat consumption. Why do we cook the meat? Why not eat it completely raw as all other carnivores do? Simply because the human body is not equipped to handle it.

    Respect for the “circle of life and Mother Nature includes respecting all creatures for what they are and not for food.

    • Lisa says:

      As a Animal Scientist, I urge you to please get an education before talking about things you do not know.
      How do you think humans ate meat before they harnessed fire?
      Also humans are Omnivorous, not Carnivorous (which is actually completely different to being a “carnivore” by the way).
      Also any 8 year old that has watched the Lion King has a better understanding of “the circle of life” than you seem to.
      I have nothing against Vegans or Vegetarians, in fact I was one until I was advised by my doctors I had a medical condition.
      But it’s people like you that give Vegans bad names.

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