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Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

This afternoon I had a comment posted on Nashville Flood Relief for Animals about a cat that was lost and had been rescued. They were hoping to reunite the cat with its owner. I asked for pictures of the cat in hopes I could help out by posting them here. Not long after the pictures were sent the owner and the cat were together again.  I thought that it may help to have a place for people who have lost their pet in the flood or those who have found pets to be able to post a picture and possible reunite them with their owner.  I have setup a forum to do just that. If needed, please post any description of your lost or found animal in the comments below.  If you have a picture you would like to include send it to nashveggie/gmail dot com and I will post it for you.  Maybe we can get some families back together.



  1. Pete Horton says:

    Found but not restrained: Two beagles. Older, growly, bigger male with chrome, chain coller; cannot see if any tags are attached. Frisky younger female appears not to have a coller. Near Wedgewood and 8th. Pete Horton 298-5017

  2. Joel McAlister says:

    We have a sweet yellow lab who appeared this morning (6/4) with a “Dogwatch” collar and another collar with no ID. He may be 1 to 2 years old. We took him to Hillsboro Animal Hospital to scan for a chip but there was none. He is safely on our porch and fed. Someone is missing him. We live in Forest Hills on Tyne Blvd.

  3. L Carter says:

    These 2 dogs have been running together in my neighborhood since the flood. Male, white with black spots and a big black spot around each eye. 2 years old? 50 pounds. The other looks like a fox, less than one year old? No collars. They are both friendly and let me pet them. They were very healthy in the beginning but they are starting to lose weight. I fed them Wed 6/9/10. They are still wandering. The area is north of Old Hickory Blvd, east of Gallatin road in the Cumberland Ave/Bixlet area in Madison. They are not strays, they are someone’s dogs.

  4. Lana says:

    Found a grey cat declawed very loveable in Opryland area,i can tell he misses his owners

  5. V Lee says:

    Found (6/20) chocolate lab in Gallatin. Super friendly and obedient. He won’t leave my house, so he’s kept in the bathroom right now so that he’s out of the heat and away from the roads. Looks to be about 2 or 3 years old. Good teeth, healthy weight. Collar, no tags. No microchip.

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