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In The House of Tofu

February 20th, 2008

I always check to see how visitors get to this site.   Checking the weblogs daily can give some laughs occasionally.  It seems someone wants to “pineapple salsa blue coast buy”, another wants “recipes with cheetos” and somebody is concerned that there may be toxins hidden in their cheesy-tasting flakes and so they search for the “safety of nutritional yeast flakes”.

Here’s my favorite today:

“where do veganism people worship”

Let’s think about this….


Does Cheetos Have Any Meat? [sic]

May 29th, 2007

“does cheetos have any meat” [sic]

I get questions. Lots of them. Well, actually it seems search engines do and sometimes they come in strange form and as well the sometimes lead the person inquiring to this website. The above query did at least. There’s something to be said for a cheeto with meat. I would have none of it but if your cheeto finds itself with meat…well…move on.