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Nashville Flood – Lost & Found Pets

May 13th, 2010
Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

Nashville Flood Lost Cat (now reunited)

This afternoon I had a comment posted on Nashville Flood Relief for Animals about a cat that was lost and had been rescued. They were hoping to reunite the cat with its owner. I asked for pictures of the cat in hopes I could help out by posting them here. Not long after the pictures were sent the owner and the cat were together again.  I thought that it may help to have a place for people who have lost their pet in the flood or those who have found pets to be able to post a picture and possible reunite them with their owner.  I have setup a forum to do just that. If needed, please post any description of your lost or found animal in the comments below.  If you have a picture you would like to include send it to nashveggie/gmail dot com and I will post it for you.  Maybe we can get some families back together.


Fresh Kittens

May 5th, 2008

Venus, our adopted-from-stray had the bright idea we needed more mouths to feed.  This is her idea of helping out around the house.




The Situation of the Other Dog and Cat

February 14th, 2008


I have a problem. There is a stray male cat that frequents my yard and harasses our cat. He chases her, steals her food and is a general nuisance to her. As well, there is a dog (not stray) from a close house that comes into our yard and leaves gifts and chases our cat. One of our inside cats was outside and was attacked by this dog. I love animals but these animals are below my own on the ladder of pets. As far as the dog, the owners are responsible but they are uncaring and think they own the neighborhood. I don’t want to call the pound as we all know what happens to animals that are picked up, so does anyone have any ideas?


Super Cool

December 3rd, 2007


Vegan Pets

November 21st, 2007


I am the pet of three cats. If you have cats you understand that statement. This includes one stray that adopted us. These cats eat all day, or they would if I fed them all day. The food they eat is, of course, an animal-based food. Cats are natural carnivores, they will not survive from a vegetable only diet no matter what you read. Feeding them so will lead to blindness and death. So this leads me to ask, are vegans truly vegan if they purchase and feed to an animal they keep animal-based food? I think so, but others disagree and believe cats can be healthy eating a plant-based diet. Others have thought the same but changed position.

Urinary tract problems are extremely common in cats and, because of the relative acidity of meat to vegetable protein, many vegan cats suffer from them.

Although we have been giving advice for some time on how these problems can be minimized while still feeding a completely vegan diet, we have found that the vast majority of our customers have not been following this advice.

Unless you are very committed to following the advice outlined below, we therefore recommend that you mitigate the risk of urinary tract problems by feeding males cats only a 25-75% vegan diet and females a 50-100% vegan diet.

Why would anyone risk harm to an animal by forcing a diet their bodies are not designed to subsist from? That is NOT vegan.

Are keeping cats, or any other pet, vegan? This is another question I have seen asked, but not often. Let’s take for instance, the stray we have. Venus is an outside cat, she has a nice warm place to sleep here and gets fed 3 times daily. She gets attention and has a home. If we did not take her in she may have been dead at this point, starvation or even hit by a car in search of food. We have done our part to help this animal. The other two cats we have that stay inside are similar but they were not strays, they were chosen by us from a litter of kittens someone had to give away 7 years ago. They too are fed 3 times a day and have a warm place to sleep. Where would they be if not here with us? In harm’s way or dead? I am helping these cats survive.

One of those mindless rambles but I have three mouthy cats that made me think about it.