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VegNews Magazine

A new year is on the way. Time to pack up the holiday decorations and get ready for a bash to welcome 2012. People will be making resolutions and hopefully many of them will be to adopt a vegan lifestyle. What better way to feed yourself with the information you need than to get a subscription to VegNews? To help out I’m giving away a one-year subscription to VegNews  magazine. You don’t have to be making a resolution to go vegan to win but I would like to know what your 2012 resolution is.

VegNews Magazine

VegNews is a bi-monthly manual to vegan living. Recipes, travel articles and news from the vegan point-of-view on politics, animal rights and shopping. No other publication covers the vegan lifestyle the way VegNews does. You need this magazine in your life and you’ll have a year of joyous reading for FREE! If you already have a subscription to VegNews and win you can use this to renew your existing subscription.

To enter, leave a comment with what your resolution is for 2012. Be sure to use a valid  email address so I can contact you if you win. For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet then leave a comment telling me your followed and tweeted. Be sure to include your Twitter username in your comment. I will randomly select a winner from all of the entries on Monday, January 9 and notify them by email. Good Luck and Go Vegan in 2012!



  1. Indie says:

    Focus on the positive. (Vague I know, but I’m still fleshing it out.)

  2. My resolution is to get into school and be more active plus remove more processed foods out of my diet.

  3. nicole says:

    My goal is to sleep more and have more fun!

  4. Crystal says:

    My resolution is to show more generosity.

  5. Cee says:

    My goal is to be more positive in the new year and worry less.

  6. Crystal says:

    I retweeted! Thanks.
    – @crystalgable

  7. Yvonne says:

    I want to try to be less insecure about myself and not to let my life be ruined by unfriendly and selfish people.

  8. Amanda says:

    I resolve to volunteer my time more to help others. One of my goals is to run my first 5K for charity.

  9. Amanda says:

    I retweeted your tweet @adthomas226.

  10. Finally going to run a half marathon this year. Been talking about it since ’08 and now I’ma make it happen.

  11. Samantha says:

    My primary resolution for 2012 is to “create” more: crafts, exciting recipes, repurposed household items, memorable occasions with friends (and so on). I hope to become especially proficient at making vegan baked goods 🙂

  12. Leigh says:

    Oh man, VegNews has the greatest food porn! My resolution is to do a bunch of research and apply for arts grants to create & stage my first full-length theater production. Yikes!

  13. Sam says:

    My resolution for the new year is to DIY as much as possible. I’d like to try my hand at a bunch of new skills like welding, reupholstering, bread making, masterful sewing and fixing all sorts of things. Thank you!

  14. Phyllis says:

    I’d love to win – I’m starting a 28 day juice fast – then transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. My big new years reSolution! @PhyllisNichols on twitter – I already follow you and I’ll happily retweet!

  15. Whitney calk says:

    My resolution is to no longer sweat the small stuff! I also retweeted you on twitter for an extra entry (@whitneycalk)!

  16. dseago says:

    Just passed one year eating vegan, now I resolve to eat less processed and packaged foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  17. I have 6 resolutions for 2012, but I’ll just post the first one here. You can read the rest on my blog!

    1. Embrace a healthy lifestyle.

    Diet: I recently read Food Rules by Michael Pollan, and it’s simplistic approach to food resonated with me. This year I will make a strong effort to eat mainly organic, sustainable, compassionate whole foods.
    Exercise: Yoga and cardio workouts will happen several times a week. I walk to and from work every day. I also joined a Biggest Loser group with some friends so I will stay accountable to my diet and exercise goals.

  18. Tanya says:

    My resolution is to really try to eat fewer processed, pre-packaged foods and just eat more whole foods. Sometimes it’s hard to do, even as a vegan.

  19. emily says:

    My resolution: only go out to eat or pick up food twice a month. Saves money, is healthier, and I’m a good cook!

  20. Tanya says:

    I follow you on Twitter and retweeted (@EatingKale)

  21. emily says:

    followed and retweeted (@remonsty)

  22. dseago says:

    Retweeted! @dseago

  23. Debbie says:

    My resolution is to read more. 2011 found me slacking off a bit, and law school starts in August, so I must prepare!
    I also resolve to write more letters in 2012. People still get a thrill whe they open a handwritten piece of mail, and I hope to bring some more joy to my friends and family!

  24. Debbie says:

    Followed and retweeted @blacktains

  25. tKatz says:

    Resolutions: Eat more healthy veg’n fare. Get my organic farm share. Spread the word.

  26. Erin says:

    My resolution is to eat less vegan junk food, more salads, fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains! Also I’d like to try to improve my cooking skills.

  27. Melissa says:

    Take time for myself (new mommy), stay healthy, eat less processed foods…be happy and thankful everyday.

  28. Jim Nichols says:

    To walk more often

  29. Ash says:

    My resolution is to eat more greens, drink more water, and juice more often!

  30. Ash says:

    Also, I retweeted and followed you. My name is _ashlyn.

  31. Anna says:

    I have a lot of goals in mind for 2012..long term I want to do my first half ironman.
    On a daily basis I want to have more ‘positive focus’ throughout my day.

  32. Casse says:

    I am following & retweeted! my name is Cassandra_Inman

  33. Jo says:

    I followed you and retweeted! =) Twitter name @GroupieGlam

  34. Jo says:

    My resolution is to educate as many people as possible about veganism and to start running this year. =)

  35. Holly says:

    Actually commit to an exercise plan.

  36. Tara says:

    To breathe when times are tough and try to balance my job/life balance

  37. Jacob says:

    Hmm. Idk, I always try to save more animals!

    And I followed you, and retweeted! User: jmr13dude.


  38. Wendy says:

    Reduce my consumption of processed foods, especially those containing corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup! Also to drink more water and reignite my meditation practice.

  39. Billie Jean says:

    My resolution/goal for this year is to follow Nike’s advice…JUST DO IT! I am not a col weather runner and I can’t afford all the gear, so I run on the treadmill at my local gym, aka the highschool. It gets repetitive, and boring but I LOVE to run! And I now how good I feel and acomplished after I run that 4-8 miles! It feels awesome and sometimes you just gotta do some things, and that’s one of them that are super important to me!

  40. Billie Jean says:

    Tweeted too! @billiejeanie327

  41. Anne says:

    I vow: This magical year of 2012 will be the year when I move into creativity with my new-found vegan lifestyle. Cooking new recipes, and making new relationships within the local vegan community. A year of Fun with Food, Vegan-style.

  42. Wendy says:

    To cook and bake my way through as many vegan cookbooks as I can. I want to make it all and stop relying on convenience foods.

  43. Christina D says:

    Resolution is to kick this depression sq in the butt

  44. Christina D says:

    RT’d & following on twitter as @EarthSoleil

  45. Alisha M says:

    Be a stronger voice in my relationships, going after what I dream, and floss more

  46. Shannon says:

    I want to try every recipe in my new Vegan Slow Cooker book! Thank you for hosting this giveaway & promoting kind eating!

    planforhappiness {at} gmail {dot} com

  47. Becky says:

    Become balanced and physical peace.

  48. Brenda says:

    My New Years resolution is to try to have as plant-based of a lifestyle as possible. And not to give up if I’m not perfect.

  49. Andrea says:

    my goal for the year is try and do the most good and least harm.
    this includes sticking to my new vegan lifestyle!

  50. My resolutions are mostly health related – floss daily, resume drinking lots of water, ride my new bike more often, do yoga 3 times a week. Good stuff! Totally doable.