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June 21st, 2010 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

Our yearly trips to St. Augustine, Florida usually find us returning in tow with something new, whether it be tropical plants or fresh baked bread from The Spanish Bakery (yes, it’s worth bringing home). This year’s trip included a stop for fresh picked Georgia peaches. I bargained a great deal with the vendor at $10 a case. Though not my best price negotiation, which is $8 a case, I was happy with the outcome and picked up two cases. After loading my treasure into the car I realized there were only so many things I could make with peaches and seeing as I now had about 75 pounds of the delectable, fuzzy, sugar globes in my possession it was the time to start coming up with new recipes. We have just made peach barbecue sauce and, of course, peach ice cream. Peach cake, muffins, cupcakes are on the way and there will be plenty of peach cobbler to last weeks. There are sure to be some grilled peaches on a plate soon, as well. With all of those common ideas I am in search of something unusual. Maybe a peach ravioli with a nice peach marinara. If you have an idea or recipe for a peach delight drop it in the comments or email me. If it turns out well I’ll feature it here and give proper credit to you, of course.



  1. Alicia B. says:

    im so jealous. peaches are my FAVOURITE fruit. I see so many vendors out here but they all have crap for peaches. Looks like they were bought at walmart and then being sold on the street. Maybe I will get lucky this year.

  2. Amanda says:

    They look marvelous! Going to have to find me some now ~ plus watch your blog for new recipes! 😉

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