Ringling Brothers Circus in Nashville

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Will you be attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus this weekend in Nashville?






  1. VeganVal says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures. More people need to be made aware of how horrible circuses are. The circus is not a fun place with a bunch of happy animals. The animals are abused, beaten and tortured to be made to perform for people. It goes against the nature of the animal to jump to hoops of fire, and to dance on 2 legs, and to do stupid tricks. At the end of the day, the circus makes a ton of money, and what do these animals get ? They are chained, locked up in a tiny space, and their routine of being beaten and trained continues. It’s not a happy life at all. PLEASE do not support the circus – ANY circus. Thank you. VeganVal – Compassion is SEXY

  2. crystal says:

    i agree with you its time for people to realize that its not fair to the animals

  3. Lastorm says:

    I dont think these are really the ringling brothers elephants.They are to sweet to actually treat their animals like this.How do I know this is true???????And maybe the animals like performing like on madagascar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jazmin says:

    i swear i whould kill any body who does that to animals.

    if i could!!!!!

  5. jazmin says:

    f u people for doing that to animals

  6. Tenzo says:

    Doing what?

    1) you have no idea who did this
    2) you have no idea what is going on.

  7. rachel says:

    How can people be so stupid to deny this is happening when the evidence is right there in these pictures? Elephants are some of the most amazing i have ever seen and this traetment makes me cry

  8. lakiey says:

    for your fyi not all circus animal are treated that way and if you wonder why the have chqins on there feet thing about why you put your dog on a leash or in a kennle or even in a fenced in yard why do you make your dog do tricks for treats if you dont know then dont – talk about – you dont know please and thank you

  9. Bruce says:

    I dont think these are really the ringling brothers elephants.They are to sweet to actually treat their animals like this.How do I know this is true???????And maybe the animals like performing like on madagascar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cristan says:

    Okay, well, I will first say this: I love animals. Elephants are my favorite species, particularly the African Elephant. Ringling has done some terrible things to elephants, and have been sued and fined by the government for poor treatment of animals multiple times.
    But, yes, but, for one, they use the elephant chains to keep them in place. They can’t set up a secure stable everyhwere they go. The elephant can still lie down. Circuses that are not abusive have to use this. However, as I said before, Ringling still is abusive
    For another, as said before, there is no proof this is from the Ringling circus. However, whatever circus did do the training has some serious problems. No explainations can make up for this. No excuses. No reasons. Send them to a good zoo.
    P.S. Not all circuses abuse their animals, but many do. I went to a circus once and I spent a ton of time studying the elephants and they had no marks or scars. They had no stereotypies (basically a nervious twitch, like a child twidling their fingers or looking back and forth). I study animal behaviorology, and these particular elephants were not at all distressed. This particular circus was non-abusive, but many still are.
    Although these pictures may not be from the Ringling Bros. Circus, their particular circus is abusive to elephants, just as demonstrated in the pictures.

    Anyway, whatever circus these photos are from, send them to a goodzoo, like Sedgewick County. Make sure that they are not a canned hunt zoo (a canned hunt sale is popular with many zoos. Basically, they have two adult animals. Those adult animals have cute little babies. When those cute little babies grow up and have cute little babies of their own, it starts to get pretty crowded. What happens is they take the first pair of aniamls, the oldest and least paid attention to by visitors, and sell them to canned hunt organizations. Basically, these animals are put in a small space and when a customer comes, they pay money to hunt the the animals. The animal is kept in the exhibit and is shot right there so they can be mounted as a trophy.)

  11. tansha says:

    I wish these abusive ass hole will die a horrible death!!!

  12. Rima Blond says:

    There are circuses out there who DO NOT use animals. You can search for them on the internet.

    Support these circuses!

  13. mayank says:

    its a very good website by which many people mow can understand about the harrasment of the animals

    hey if u have any more pics about it please send me on my i.d

  14. Elephant Lover says:

    Not all circuses are like this, but for the ones that are, F— YOU!

  15. Krysten says:

    i will never attend a circus again. thank you

  16. nashvilleresident says:

    Interesting, because the Ringling Brothers circus came in on a train. Wonder why the picture shows an elephant in a TRUCK. Because it’s not Ringling…

  17. Sarah says:


    I have personally witnessed Ringling transport elephants and other animals on a truck to the circus venue in St. Louis. They may transport directly via train in Nashville but you are aware they have this circus in other cities, right?

    Troll elsewhere.

  18. tiggy says:

    omg i am an elephant lover and the things thease people do they should be put in prison i ma schl might be doing a patision.

  19. Ky says:

    I want to PROTEST when they come to Nashville on Jan 26. It’s the Fully Charged show, but all their shows use elephants.

    Who’s in? I’m for real!

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