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October 26th, 2007 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

Trader Joe’s

I think I read at least one letter a week to the editor of The Tennessean voicing desire for a Trader Joe’s location in Nashville or just the outright prediction that it is happening but the time is not known the place is not known and the reason they know this information is unknown. People claim the reason it won’t come is the inability to sell wine by Tennessee liquor laws, some say it can happen anyway and cite other states as proof. Maybe there are other reason keeping Trader Joe’s out of this area, it is not like Tennessee is the last state in the US without a store. What’s keeping them out of Colorado? Boulder sounds like a dead-on perfect location. How about Maine?   I love Trader Joe’s, enough to make trips to Atlanta to pick up vitals and a location in this area would be most welcomed by me but I am afraid it’s not going to happen.


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