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No More…

October 8th, 2008

No more missed opportunities.


Where Have I Been?

June 27th, 2008

I just noticed that two weeks have passed without an update to the blog. I have been spending much time outside with the plants as well as working. I haven’t been purposefully ignoring the site, I have been working to get a listing of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in the area together for the main site as well as short reviews for each. If anyone wants to help out and has a review of your favorite local restaurant email me and it might get included in the completed listing, with credit given of course.


Sick of Veganism- It’s Over, Painless (Somewhat)

April 1st, 2008

I was at a friends house last night and had dinner.  I had brought my usual vegan dishes that I carry to events like this, vegan macaroni and cheeze and a veggie tofu casserole.  Both were great and everything was going well then the usual discussion of veganism began.  I went along with it for awhile then I decided to give in a play devil’s advocate.  Discussion of the evolution of a diet came up.  Talk of what proteins are more complete.  Hormones that may actually benefit the human body from those given to  animals.  Factory farming and how there is possibly a cover-up on the outside from those attcking it.  How plant may actually be sentient beings after-all, that was a lengthy one involving plant dissection and the playing of the hidden track off of Tool’s “Undertow”.

It all went downhill (somewhat) from there.  My friend had made barbecue wings, small sirloin steaks and baked beans.  I crumbled.  I have no idea what happened, I had a bite of a steak on a dare and it fell apart after that.  I flet a little sick at first but slowly the queasiness subsided and I began to enjoy the foods I had lost over the years.  Cold hot dogs, another rare steak, a piece of warm gouda, buttermilk…oh yes the buttermilk.  I went as far as to have my old favorite this morning for breakfast, pork brains in runny scrambled eggs.   The memories hit me when the smell wafted in the morning air.

Now I am sitting here the morning after full of regret, I think.  I am so confused but the onle thing I know is that I am not vegan any longer.  I don’t even think I am vegetarian.

I have been running this absolute hogwash of a diet for years and now I am through.  It’s over.  Finished, just in a matter of seconds.

What this site will become is yet to be known, but it can’t be a vegan or vegetarian site without one to run it.