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October 29th, 2009 by Mrs. Nashveggie Leave a reply »

We absolutely had a lovely visit to Boulder, CO after a very long driving trip. The farmer’s market was fabulous. I was so thrilled that the people behind the food stands actually GREW the produce. What a concept, right? They could tell us what type of food they had, which was amazing to me. The last time we went to a grocery to ask for sweet dumpling squash, the nice person putting out the produce had no idea what kind of winter squash she was putting out. She had to go get a sheet. Our daughter, who is a photographer in the making, had a blast taking pictures of items on her level. Some were actually better than the ones her parents took. We drove up to Estes Park, which was this neat little town in a valley (canyon) at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Forest. It was very quaint without being too touristy. Still, a little too far away from civilization for me. I will mention here that when we stopped for a well needed potty break at the visitor’s center, I checked the menus. Every single one of them had a vegetarian option. Even the ones that served elk! Cross contaminated I am sure, but at least they had an option. All in all, we had a great trip. I cannot wait until we can get there again, maybe next time for good.


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  1. Alicia says:

    I try not to think about the cross contamination unless its really bad. I’m just glad that more places are opening up to having vegetarian and vegan options. Baby steps is what I say. Soon enough they will learn to separate the foods as well. Glad you had fun in CO.

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