The Goode Family

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The Goode Family

A new show from Mike Judge is on ABC called “The Goode Family“, there’s a subtle play on words there.  The Goode’s are a family of earthy-do-gooders, vegan, organic and recycling.  After the cancellation of King Of The Hill, a show that was nearly polar opposite, Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead) has decided to take the jabs to the other side.

The show tries to satirize every aspect of the environmentalist do-gooder lifestyle.  Helen Goode upon being asked at a grocery checkout similar to a Whole Foods if she has reusable bags proclaims “I know a lot of people are comfortable shopping with reusable bags, but I’m not. They’re made in sweatshops.”  When the son gets his drivers license and makes his initial drive around town and confesses his waste of gas his father tells him, “It’s OK,  what’s important is that you feel guilty about it.”

This is not a recommendation of the show.  I know some will say I am promoting a viewpoint against what I recommend on this site.  I am not doing so, just pointing out something that is out there.  If you have watched it what do you think?  Is it offensive or just harmless satire? Remember, anything that is popular will draw criticism and parody.

The Goode Family airs locally Fridays at 7:30 pm on WKRN.



  1. Sounds like harmless satire to me. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? I wanna watch this! I’m also a huge King of the Hill and Beavis & Butthead fan (I have great childhood memories staying up late to watch B&B with my dad!). Is WKRN a Fox affiliate? I wonder what station this would come on in Memphis?

  2. NashVeggie says:

    WKRN is an ABC affiliate (First sentence of my post 😉 ) From what I have read, you should watch when you can as ABC is already rumored to have turned down a second season and the rest of this one is in jeopardy of even airing. Low ratings and a move to a Friday slot doesn’t look good for renewals.

    I’m not saying the show is any good, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. However, ABC will cancel good shows in exchange for keeping the low-minded & brainless. I’m still bitter about them canceling The Unusuals.

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