A Simple Question

March 10th, 2008 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

Quick and simple:

Why is it that meat-eaters are so damned offended by the mere mention of a person being vegetarian or vegan?

Answers below…



  1. why do i not know one carnivore that is the least bit offended by anyone being a vegetarian???

  2. Nashveggie says:

    Good. But I urge you to get some perceptions on vegans from a meat-eating crowd. Being a carnivore and asking carnivores I suspect you may be surprised. I hear it all of the time, I’m glad you don’t. By offended I mean “have something smart-ass to say about it”. And now that I think about it you do know one or two, if you “know” the blogging crowd you converse with daily.

    I wrote this post on a day when I was ridiculed by a complete stranger for my eating habits. It has happened quite a few times. Also, same day a story on Tennessean.com about The Veggie Cafe had brought out more than a few harsh comments from the usual redneck commenting crowd. As well, I couldn’t give two beans what people think about the way I eat, live, sleep or walk. It’s only when people tell me that I am “wrong”…just makes me giggle a little on the inside. Those type of things just bring it out of me.

    And thanks for visiting, it means alot to get you on here. 🙂

  3. Mehgan says:

    I think carnivores are offended or reply with sarcastic comments because deep down they do feel guilty for eating meat. If you are mean, sarcastic or rude to someone for any reason, you most likely are unhappy with yourself in some way.

  4. NashVeggie says:


    I think you are right for the most part about those people being unhappy in some way. I also think people are conditioned to eat meat and think that is the only diet one should subsist on and anyone who doesn’t is “on the outside”.

  5. newton says:

    people mock and look down upon what they don’t understand. once you make the carnivore understand why you’re a vegetarian, they seem to be “disgusted” a little less.

    and, if you’re like me, the first time someone says anything about veggie dogs being gross, a quick reply of “you mean the hog c*ck you’re eating isn’t full of parts and garbage?” usually takes care of it.

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