Which Wich

July 31st, 2007 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »

If you haven’t tried Which Wich it may be worth it to you, if you are vegetarian.  You will find a menu (actually a little brown bag menu) with VEGETARIAN written at the top and choices of hummus and bell peppers, avocado and tomato, a creation called an “Elvis-Wich” consisting of peanut butter, banana and honey as well as a choice for a black bean patty sandwich.  The black bean patty is where the confusion starts.  I asked the franchisees when they opened if the black bean patty was vegan, if it contained any egg or dairy and was assured it did not contain any.   I emailed corporate for choices suitable for a vegan from their menu and the black bena patty was mentioned to be completely vegan.  After a couple months I find discussion leading to the contrary so I check again with Which-Wich corporate and get two replies, one saying the balck bean patty is vegan and one saying it is not.  So, I am confused and have decided, of course, to avoid the patty altogether.  Also, the whole wheat bread does contain honey.

On a more positive note, the hummus and bell pepper sandwich is great with added avocado and sauerkraut!


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