PETA buys O’Charley’s Stock

May 23rd, 2007 by NashVeggie Leave a reply »


The Nashville City Paper reports today that PETA, in a effort to curb the use of chicken suppliers who use inhumane slaughter techniques, has purchased 160 shares of the Nashville-based restaurant. I don’t call myself a stock market guru, but 160 shares doesn’t seem large enough a portion to have much control, perhaps they plan on buying more later. PETA also owns shares of YUM! brand, which owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a target of a widely-publicized campaign to stop the cruel techniques used by their suppliers. Already comments have been made that PETA is trying to make O’Charley’s a vegan restaurant, not the case. Of course, anytime PETA is involved you will find a few insecure meat-eaters.


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